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Social media is the most influential way to promote your brand as you can immediately be placed in front of millions of viewers. We use our personal networks to promote you via retweets, shares, and likes. After your content is shared on our network, you are immediately placed in view of so many potential customers. We offer full digital strategy to ensure your content is placed in front of the right audience. Lets go viral today!


CEO & Founder / Zach Conley

COO & Co-Founder/ Kendall Shaw


Our services

  • Social Media Promotion

    • Twitter - We will reach millions of users every month using different strategies and sharing your content via our extensive network of accounts.
    • Instagram - Using shoutouts, reposts, and tags millions of Instagram users will see your content, engage with your posts, and follow your profile. 
    • Facebook - Whether is be via our dedicated ads specialists or the use of influencers, we can make your content go viral. 
    • Soundcloud - Everyday we share new and current music via our repost network. Everyday over 6 million users see the content that we share. 
    • Spotify - Using curated playlists, your record can be placed in front of hundreds of thousands of listeners on a daily basis. 
    • Content Creation - Using our knowledge of the internet, we can help you create memes, themes, or even help you pick which content to post to ensure max visibility. 
    • Digital Strategy - With our network, and our team of social media influencers, we will create a 6, 12, or 18 month plan on how to roll out your brand, merchandise, or music. Using this strategy helps our campaigns run with ease, and allows a fully hands off experience for our clients.

Check out our sales page to see all the services we offer and to get started.

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by Farrow

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